What I really wish I knew back then

One of my favorite things to do is lay on my picnic blanket and watch the sky turn to twilight.
  1. Learn to be alone. You’ll feel lonely sometimes, but learning to be alone and finding solace in yourself is important. Things that will help are journaling, venturing into nature, taking the time to think and feel, and doing things that help feed your soul. Stop blocking out the noise with more noise — you need to process and that’s okay.
  2. When it comes to love, it shouldn’t be hard. If it feels like two wheels are constantly grinding at a stop, that’s not love. If you are always putting in the effort or time and it’s not being reciprocated, that’s not love. If it feels unnatural and this person doesn’t make you feel loved, he’s not your person.
  3. You cannot change people, but you can change yourself. Focus on yourself. Be better first. In the end, you’re the only person you can fully depend on.
  4. Be careful of the evil you wish upon others. When I was 10 and ordering at a Taiwanese restaurant in 626, the front cashier laughed at my broken Mandarin. I was humiliated and walked away with my fists clenched, wishing their business would fall. A couple months later, the business closed and it spooked me. Until this day, I am careful of what I wish upon others and never intentionally wish harm to others.
  5. Learn to manage time. Time becomes more finite when you’re older. Responsibilities will pile on, your social network will grow, and your interests will change. You can do anything, but not everything. Make sure your health and family is first, and then you can determine what comes in order. You’ll eventually learn that you can’t be friends with everyone.
  6. You don’t need to be nice, but you should be kind.

expat in Singapore writing on growth, tech, and becoming a better human being

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Emily Fang

Emily Fang

expat in Singapore writing on growth, tech, and becoming a better human being

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