sun no more

The Fang Girl
1 min readAug 22, 2021


She was the sun
enveloping you with warmth
a tender touch on your hand
and a familiar note in the air
lingering and faint

that kind of
love would embrace you
pulling in the gravity of the planets
and moving the stars to wipe the sky black

everything she touched
would thrive
but take
until they left

she got tired of burning
and let the orange die
she watched the last ember breathe its last
rolling it between her fingers
to say goodbye

Sighing into the grey clouds
she let the blue wash over her

years past
and no one could find her

the axis was broken
and life curled
making itself small and unseen

she had wandered down a black hole
and found her own corner of the world

it was small, but hers

and slowly, she grew back her light
a vibrant hue
crystalizing the walls
and adorning the sky

the swirl of green, purple, and blue
decorated her home

and she laid there
looking up
watching up at the world
she had created



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