One of my favorite things to do is lay on my picnic blanket and watch the sky turn to twilight.
  1. Learn to be alone. You’ll feel lonely sometimes, but learning to be alone and finding solace in yourself is important. Things that will help are journaling, venturing into nature, taking the time to think and feel, and doing things that help feed your soul. Stop blocking out the noise with more noise — you need to process and that’s okay.

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Legs crossed, sitting at a coffee table in my high rise condo apartment in Singapore, I normally sit facing the large windows and neighboring condos. I’m lucky that the view is mostly unhindered by new construction, as we have historical shophouses and preserved entities below. There’s a nice wind tunnel that rushes through whenever I prop open our front door, whistling a tune from the patio to our entrance.

I do love living in the city, with its twinkling lights and bubbling murmur. …

Hanging out in a hammock at my friend’s place in Tiong Bahru.

Every Halloween, I don an eccentric costume and attend a friend’s party or bar hop. I’ve been a sushi, an Incredible character, a dryer machine, and other random objects that entice chuckles from strangers. This year in Singapore, I grabbed lunch with a couple of friends and spent my Halloween night lying on the couch drinking a bottle of white wine by myself.

In an ideal world, I’d be home in San Francisco with my close friends, celebrating the holiday and dressing up. People here don’t celebrate it nor did my friends want to participate in the bar festivities. …

It’s 11:17 pm here in Singapore, and I’m seated at the kitchen table with my legs propped against the opposite chair. The fan is blowing directly at me, my hair is wet, and nestled on my right side is a glass of wine with a few cubes of ice. I’m blasting an r&b playlist while typing this out.

I don’t know why, but I feel urged to write.

Just a couple hours ago, I was chatting with my housemate over a big pot of chicken adobo I had whipped up. When I learn a dish, I make it until I’ve…

Tamanna grew India’s largest parenting community to 2 million mothers, and productized her learnings to help communities become sustainable.

Convosight started after Tamanna’s own journey of organically building India’s largest parenting community, Baby Destination, with 2 million mothers across 28 communities. In 2020, she decided to productize her learnings and founded Convosight, which is a global community management and monetization platform.

It is now being used by more than 40,000 communities. In Asia alone, she has helped 700 communities to monetize. …

She was the sun
enveloping you with warmth
a tender touch on your hand
and a familiar note in the air
lingering and faint

that kind of
love would embrace you
pulling in the gravity of the planets
and moving the stars to wipe the sky black

everything she touched
would thrive
but take
until they left

she got tired of burning
and let the orange die
she watched the last ember breathe its last
rolling it between her fingers
to say goodbye

Sighing into the grey clouds
she let the blue wash over her

years past
and no one could…

In the laidback, beach-bordering suburbia of Torrance, I spent a lot of my time outside in the backyard tending to my small garden of tomato plants, carrots, corn, and lime trees. I was a 90s baby, and the early 2000s was my childhood. TV time was limited if any, and advanced technology ceased to exist in my days. I spent much of my childhood at the local park and the outdoors.

My parents were surprised to find that I had a green thumb, and a love for growing and nurturing things. What they didn’t know was that I spoke to…

Facebook is assisting individuals and leaders with specially curated tools and programs, says Clapham.

Grace Clapham is the director of Community Partnerships for Facebook in the APAC region, based in Singapore. In her role, she supports community leaders using Facebook’s family of apps to grow their communities, whilst also providing access to funding, social networks, and educational programs.

This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

KrASIA (Kr): Which communities are you part of right now?

Grace Clapham (GC): I take part in hundreds of Facebook groups. Even before joining the company, I was already engaging in and running a few of them on my own. At the moment, groups centered around motherhood…

YouTube has always been a daunting platform for me to consider creating on. Many of my early thoughts were based on the premise that there were too many YouTubers and it was highly competitive. I thought about starting, but never executed.

When I moved to Singapore in 2020, I decided to begin documenting a few of my experiences. I had a unique perspective, coming from San Francisco as a Taiwanese American crash landing in Singapore, where this city-state was really fostering startup innovations, encouraging entrepreneurship to locals and foreigners, and effectively managing Covid-19 compared to the rest of the world.

Oi Yee Choo integrates financial lessons in her daily conversations with her daughters to prepare them for a financially secure future.

Oi Yee was head of investment banking at UBS Singapore until early 2020, when she joined Singapore fintech iStox as its chief commercial officer. She has spoken passionately about how she makes it a point to talk to her daughters about the importance of financial planning — even though they have not begun earning money. Oi Yee’s own story is also interesting. She chose to take the leap from the banking sector into a startup, mainly because she felt strongly about being a part of a new wave of democratization in the financial sector brought about by advances in technology.

Emily Fang

expat in Singapore writing on growth, tech, and becoming a better human being

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