One of my favorite things to do is lay on my picnic blanket and watch the sky turn to twilight.
  1. Learn to be alone. You’ll feel lonely sometimes, but learning to be alone and finding solace in yourself is important. Things that will help are journaling, venturing into nature, taking the time to think and feel, and doing things that help feed your soul. …

She was the sun
enveloping you with warmth
a tender touch on your hand
and a familiar note in the air
lingering and faint

that kind of
love would embrace you
pulling in the gravity of the planets
and moving the stars to wipe the sky black

everything she touched

Facebook is assisting individuals and leaders with specially curated tools and programs, says Clapham.

Grace Clapham is the director of Community Partnerships for Facebook in the APAC region, based in Singapore. In her role, she supports community leaders using Facebook’s family of apps to grow their communities, whilst also providing access to funding, social networks, and educational programs.

This interview has been edited for…

Oi Yee Choo integrates financial lessons in her daily conversations with her daughters to prepare them for a financially secure future.

Oi Yee was head of investment banking at UBS Singapore until early 2020, when she joined Singapore fintech iStox as its chief commercial officer. She has spoken passionately about how she makes it a point to talk to her daughters about the importance of financial planning — even though they…

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expat in Singapore writing on growth, tech, and becoming a better human being

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